Freek Vonk is the most well-known biologist and scientist in The Netherlands. Graduated from Leiden University and specialized in, among other things, poison and evolutionary biology. In addition to adventurer and biologist, Freek is also a writer, photographer and entrepreneur. For example, he produces the successful television program “Freeks Wilde Wereld” and organizes live shows for the whole family in the Amsterdam based venue AFAS Live every year.

Freek also published his own monthly magazine “Wild van Freek”. To combat crime against animals effectively, Freek has founded his own foundation: Stichting No Wildlife Crime.

The copyright jungle

Once Freek became more popular, he came across many legal questions, about the use of his portrait and the (copy)rights to the audiovisual recordings he made. Freek also wondered how he could optimize his cooperation with third parties, such as supermarket Albert Heijn, Endemol production company and publisher Blink Uitgevers.

Freek is always full of energy, so when he first came by our office it was as if a storm had gone by, but now we are used to it. Quickly we arranged to contribute Freek’s commercial activities to the company “Studio Freek”. This parent company has its own management and is now responsible for the management and operation of all rights and activities of Freek.

Legal biodiversity

The specialists of IPLawyers and Corporate Lawyers support Freek and Studio Freek with the following activities:

  • Legal support for Studio Freek Televisie for the realization of television programs such as “Freeks Wilde Wereld”, “Freek Vonk in Australia” and the “Super Freek Show”;
  • Conducting contract negotiations between Freek Vonk and the supermarket Albert Heijn for the promotional campaigns “On adventure with Freek” , “Back to the dinos with Freek”, “The Wonderful World of Freek”;
  • the realization of a joint-venture Wild van Freek B.V. which company publishes the magazine “Wild van Freek”;
  • Answering all legal questions regarding the broadcast of television programs and the intellectual property rights thereto;
  • Conducting contract negotiations for the realization of the live shows “From Dino to Dolphin” and “Freek Vonk on world tour”; and
  • Conducting contract negotiations with insurance company “Reaal” for a promotional campaign.

We are proud of what Freek has achieved and we are even happier with the pleasant cooperation with Freek and the team of Studio Freek.

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