Privacy POLICY

Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy applies to the processing of personal data of all our clients with respect to the products and/or services of TLG Amsterdam B.V. and TLG Den Haag B.V. (hereinafter jointly referred to as: “TLG”). This Privacy Policy describes how this data is processed and for what purposes. This Privacy Policy also contains information about our cookie policy. By using products and/or services provided by TLG, the client agrees with the following applicable terms and conditions.

Providing personal data is not compulsory

A client may decide at any time whether he/she wishes to provide his/her personal data. To use some of our services, however, it is necessary to provide TLG with your personal data.

Personal data processing

TLG processes the personal data of clients who use its services. These include name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Financial data such as a bank account number are also processed, if a user buys a paid service provided by TLG, if and insofar as this data is necessary for payment for the services concerned.

Personal data is processed in the following cases:

  1. to draw up and execute an agreement entered into with the client;
  2. for administrative purposes: to offer and/or deliver the agreed products and/or services;
  3. for invoicing: when one or more paid products and/or services are involved. When no payment is received for our products and/or services, we may outsource collection to third parties, such as a collection agency;
  4. to create a personal account on the website and/or app;

In the above-mentioned cases, the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and bank details are required to execute the agreement.

  1. to enable the User to post and share information on one or more of our websites;
  2. to send the user newsletters, offers, service notifications or one or more electronic messages which could be interesting to the user, if the User has given permission for this;

In the above-mentioned cases, the personal data, i.e. e-mail address, are provided optionally, for which the User grants explicit permission.

  1. to manage, analyse, maintain, optimise and secure our products and/or services and to prevent misuse and/or fraud of products and/or services;
  2. for strategic analyses and reports of our products and/or services; and/or
  3. if a client visits one of our (mobile) websites, our servers can also (automatically) save information such as URLs, IP addresses, browser types, languages, dates and times of the visits to our (mobile) websites and/or apps.

In the above-mentioned cases, TLG has a legitimate interest in processing the personal data concerned.

TLG only processes the personal data provided for the execution of its services and in particular for the explicit purpose for which this personal data has been collected.

Client rights

All our clients have the right of access, to rectification, erasure, to restrict processing, to data portability and the right to object to the processing of his/her personal data. 

If a user wishes to make use of one or more of these rights, he/she may contact TLG via

Sharing with third parties

Apart from the provisions below, only the persons authorised by TLG to secure personal data and/or process them and/or perform IT work have access to the Client’s personal data.
For the processing purposes summarised in this Privacy Policy, we have contracted a controller with whom we have entered into an agreement, so that the controller offers sufficient safeguards regarding technical and organisational security measures.

If you should discover a data leak, it is vitally important that you inform us immediately. You may report data leaks via Your notification and data will be handled in confidence at all times.

For the rest, TLG will not share the personal data of its clients with third parties, unless this is necessary for the execution of its Services based on a legal provision or in an emergency, insofar as TLG feels that this is in the interest of its clients. These include legal requests by authorities, summonses or legal orders, actions aimed at tracking or preventing fraud, or actions aimed at guaranteeing the security of our network and our Services.

TLG has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to secure Clients’ personal data from loss or illegal processing, including (i) data storage in a secure database with encrypted passwords and secure back-ups.